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FAQ on our Connecticut based Video Production & Videography Services

What is 4k?

4k and UHD (Ultra HD) is a television format that delivers 4x the resolution of High Definition.  4k source material provides the highest level of sharpness and clarity, even in cases where the delivery format is HD over the web. 

4k is sharp and detailed, allowing for several other benefits that go beyond the shoot. Each video frame is 8 megapixels as opposed to HD's 2 megapixels, enabling editors to grab high-res stills straight from the video feed that are usable in print ads up to 11 inches wide at 300dpi. Editors can also crop video frames to 400% while still maintaining HD resolution, allowing for multiple static and animated zoom levels using a single interview camera and shot. 

Media Infocus can obtain source material up to 4.5k at (2:1 aspect ratio) and 4k HD (16x9)

How much does a typical video production cost?

We specialize in working with local and regional businesses throughout Connecticut, NY, and MA.  It's possible to produce a simple in-studio business promo for as low as $1,250.  Creative 30-second commercials are typically less than $5,000.  Your actual quoted price will be influenced by factors like run-length, preparation, requirements, talent, the number of locations, set preparation, animation and graphic specifications and more.  GET A RAPID QUOTE NOW!

How long will it take to produce my commercial?

Creative video productions take an average of 3 weeks from script to delivery. Functional and sale promo ads (15 to 30 seconds) can be delivered in as little 72 hours or less under ideal circumstances.  

Who came up with the ideas in your portfolio videos?

Media Infocus most often works with very busy small business owners who just don't have the time to plan their marketing content and videos.  Most of the commercial productions here have messages and themes that were our brainchild.  We'd be delighted to work for you whether you would prefer us to handle the creative planning and direction OR if you'd rather the concept, script and direct.  We're here to help your commercial idea become a reality.

Can you use photos and video I provide?

We'd be more than happy to include materials you provide within your commercial production!  Throughout our portfolio are several great examples of how 3D graphics and animations can enhance these materials.  Tell us what you have, and we'll provide ideas on how to make you a professional video that you'll be proud to have to represent your company and brand! 

Can we hire your company just for Videography or Broll?

Yes. We are available for deployment anywhere in Connecticut on easy terms and at affordable hourly rates.

Why hire Media Infocus?

With 15+ years in the marketing and advertising realm, Media Infocus has planned and executed marketing campaigns and creative for hundreds of projects, both print and electronic. Our expertise covers new business and product launches, PR campaigns, television and online advertising. Bottom line is, we don't just produce video. We understand the art of creating a piece that maintains synergy with your other marketing efforts and can help sell your brand.

In addition to videography, we also have an extensive background in product, corporate and manufacturing photography. Learn more by following the links below.


What makes our Video Production services different?

A successful commercial creates emotion, engages an audience and creates a call-to-action.

For over 15 years, Media Infocus has offered their unique blend of sales and marketing experience and creativity in delivering video advertisements and business stories that effectively keep audiences informed and motivated to action.  We specialize in working with start-ups, SMB's, professional firms and manufacturers. With every project, our goal is to deliver the best possible product on budget, while maintaining the highest level of standards for our industry.

Have a lot of ideas and don't know how to put it all together?  We'd be happy to stop by, take a quick tour and discuss your needs.  

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Since 2002, Media Infocus has produced high-impact, "national level" commercials and online videos for small, Connecticut professional firms, banks,  manufacturers and retail businesses. We are marketers who offer video production services for clients who need to increase business and launch new products online and across other forms of media.  Our designs are created with sustainability and cross-pollination in mind, and we are fully able to help bring consistency and improvements to your other marketing messages including media advertisements, branding and exhibition materials. (Web, Kiosk or Trade Show).  Thanks for taking a look at Media Infocus, and we look forward to chatting with you about your project. 

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