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Featured Television Commercials & Web Video

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Kickstarter and Manufacturer video examples

Client:  Various
-VIDEO PRODUCTION--------|Television|Web Video

Manufacturer B2B, PR, Kickstarters and New Products

Online, Kiosk, Website
Target Audience:
Client Objectives: This reel demonstrates a variety of projects we've done here at Media Infocus, that are related to manufacturing.
Production Notes: One of the challenges of filming in this environment is getting the right "beauty" shots. We use cinematic lenses, dollys and sliders to get the right angles. All this, while being conscious of proprietary projects the client may be working on.


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Client:  MOTT Corporation
-VIDEO PRODUCTION--------|Web Video|3D Animations & Logos|On Location Videographers

Mott Feasibility Lab Testing

Social, In person sales
Target Audience:
Adults 35+
Client Objectives: Give potential customer an inside look into the MOTT laboratories to get a better understanding of the value of services available.
Production Notes: Shot over two days at the client location.


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Client:  Genesis AP Pro
-VIDEO PRODUCTION--------|Web Video|On Location Videographers

Genesis AP Pro Trade Show/ Sales Presentation

Trade Show / Sales Presentations
Target Audience:
Client Objectives: To create a long-form video for use as sales support, as well as presentation at an International Tradeshow.
Production Notes: We created a video that demonstrates the features and benefits of this product compared to its competition.


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Kickstarter video for the hangman by Talyn

Client:  Talyn Industries, LLC
Web Video|3D Animations & Logos

Talyn: "The Hangman" Kickstarter Campaign Launch

Web, Online, YouTube, Social, Kickstarter
Target Audience:
Contractors, Residential Contractors
Client Objectives: Create a Kickstarter campaign to launch "The Hangman" to the next level by raising funds for further development.
Production Notes: This crowd-funding video helped our client to launch their product and reach audiences nationwide successfully. With a mix of on-location videography and interviews, we tell the founding story, introduce the product and cover all the key benefits in this short, three-minute Kickstarter promo.


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CAD to 3d video animation solidworks

Client:  Jeep Tweaks
Web Video|Motion Graphics|3D Animations & Logos

Jeep Tweaks Promotional Video

Internet, Social, Website
Target Audience:
US 18+, Buyers
Client Objectives: Create 3D animated visualizations for CAD models.
Production Notes: Even though the product wasn't yet ready for full production and materials were not yet in hand, Using animations to tell our story allowed us to help audiences visualize what these tail-light-guards would look like under real-world conditions. We can handle models in almost any format, creating compelling visualizations, examples, instructions and marketing materials.


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Instructional Videos for CT Manufacturers and Education

Client:  "The Hangman" by Talyn Industries
Web Video|Motion Graphics|3D Animations & Logos|On Location Videographers

Talyn: "The Hangman" Instructional Video

Web, Youtube, Email Marketing
Target Audience:
18+, Contractors, Homeowners, Wholesalers, Painters
Client Objectives: To create an instructional video that demonstrates usage, while walking the audience through its many features.
Production Notes: This video incorporates several marketing elements to fill roles as both instructional and marketing video.

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A successful commercial creates emotion, engages an audience and encourages viewers to act.

With 15+ years in the marketing and advertising realm, Media Infocus has planned and executed marketing campaigns and creative for hundreds of projects, both print and electronic. Our expertise covers new business and product launches, PR campaigns, television and online advertising. The bottom line is, we don't just produce videos. We understand the art of creating a piece that maintains synergy with your other marketing efforts and can help sell your brand.

In addition to videography, we also have an extensive background in product, corporate and manufacturing photography. Learn more by following the links below.

All projects are delivered in 4k or better

For a list of films shot on the Red Camera platform, Please click the link above.

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Since 2002, Media Infocus has produced high-impact, "national level" commercials and online videos for small, Connecticut professional firms, banks, manufacturers and retail businesses. We are marketers who offer video production services for clients who need to increase business and launch new products online and across other forms of media. We create videos with sustainability and cross-pollination in mind. Consistency is a top priority, assuring your video production blends with your other marketing messages, including media advertisements, branding, and exhibition materials. (Web, Kiosk or Trade Show). Thanks for taking a look at Media Infocus, and we look forward to discussing your project with you. 

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