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Since 2002, owners Eric & Kristen Pontbriand have helped business owners tell their story with our clever video production services that help audiences better understand and connect with their brands. From concept to creation, we strive to make the video production process as easy as possible for our clients, while delivering a video that hits the mark! 

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Why hire Media Infocus?

With 15+ years in the marketing and advertising realm, Media Infocus has planned and executed marketing campaigns and creative for hundreds of projects, both print and electronic. Our expertise covers new business and product launches, PR campaigns, television and online advertising. The bottom line is, we don't just produce videos. We understand the art of creating a piece that maintains synergy with your other marketing efforts and can help sell your brand.

In addition to videography, we also have an extensive background in product, corporate and manufacturing photography. Learn more by following the links below.

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Since 2002, Media Infocus has produced high-impact, "national level" commercials and online videos for small, Connecticut professional firms, banks,  manufacturers and retail businesses. We are marketers who offer video production services for clients who need to increase business and launch new products online and across other forms of media.  Our designs are created with sustainability and cross-pollination in mind, and we are fully able to help bring consistency and improvements to your other marketing messages including media advertisements, branding and exhibition materials. (Web, Kiosk or Trade Show).  Thanks for taking a look at Media Infocus, and we look forward to chatting with you about your project. 

Kristen Pontbriand

Partner | Production Coordinator | Writer

Eric Pontbriand

Partner | Videographer | Producer | Editor